About Lydia Kann

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Lydia is a visual artist and a writer.   She is currently completing a graphic novel made up of 100 large scale paintings and text about the legacy of war and debilitating illness over three generations. Her previous work includes charcoal drawings and site-specific installation environments made out of paper and paper maché sculptural forms.  She also paints in oil and acrylic on paper, and makes permanent public art installations.  Her work depicts the natural world but also often delineates a specific vignette or story occurring within an environment.

Lydia writes fiction and nonfiction including short stories, essays, novels and memoir.  Many are stories of women and men overcoming adversity – psychological and external challenges such as poverty, illness, immigrant life, war, and gender conflict.  She is interested in both the personal/domestic and the historical/sociological experience.

The subject matter and materials overlap in Lydia’s art and writing.  The work in both is made on and of paper and circles themes of power and adversity, acknowledging the relationship of the individual to the natural world and to the complicated realm of human  connection.